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poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2011

Odkopanie archiwalnego wątku na forum AG zaowocowało wysypem domysłów na temat kontynuacji cyklu Gabriel Knight. Najbardziej rozbawił mnie głos użytkownika Intense Degree mówiący o tym, jakiego GK4 raczej nie chcielibyśmy doczekać:

1. Hidden object game:- The Secret Mystery Adventure Files of Gabe Knight. Grandma knight has sadly passed on and Gabriel must spend hours rooting through the rooms in her house for miscellaneous rubbish.

2. Telltale coming anywhere near it:- Tales of a Schattenjager. I should say that I have nothing against Telltale and have enjoyed some of their games but they will produce an episodic, ugly, oversimplistic version of GK over my dead body!

3. Puzzle game:- Grace Nakimura: Puzzle Agent. Simply but stylishly drawn Grace solves the same four zany but nonsensical puzzles over and over again gaining the player an average of one achievement on steam every 4 clicks.

4. Lace Mamba do the marketing:- Never before has so little been done by so few to not inform so many.

5. Action/Adventure hybrid:- New Orleans Noire. Follow the career of Moseley throughout the NOPD to the CIA via the medium of Truth, dare Doubt or Lie. Actually who am I kidding, I would buy this game in an instant!

6. Facebook:- Rittersville. Build and maintain your own Rittersburg and spam your friends' facebook feeds with messages such as "Intense Degree just built a Bahnhof in Rittersville" every few minutes.

7. Tower Defence:- Schloss Defender. Available on IOS and Android. Build towers and place talismans to stop the inexorable march of creatures of the night towards your castle.

Brawo za parafrazę Churchilla w punkcie 4. i przytyk w stronę marketingowców (także dtp): Nigdy w historii tak nieliczni nie zrobili tak mało, by powiadomić wielu. Oj, co prawda to prawda...